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Along with brutally hot chat logs from the writers of the FCF/Trillian community and more sizzling tales of female rivalry submitted and found for you from across the web.

Update: 4 New Chat Logs Posted!

The Better Woman vs. Sindee – Beach Girls Sexfight

When an argument on the beach is broken up, two women (The Better Woman and Sindee * Retired * of FCF) agree to meet back at the hotel and settle things. And though they planned to pull hair and scratch, within minutes their battle turns red hot and sensual. They writhing together until one cums and then serves her beach-found rival.

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The Better Woman vs. Clawie – Warehouse Weardown

When two of Ewa‘s hottest rivals (The Better Woman and Clawiefrom FCF) decide to meet on their own terms, things go from bad, to worse, to brutal quickly.

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Scarlet vs. Miranda – Hotel Meetup

A classic tale of two red hot women (Red Hot Scarlet and Miranda from FCF), a rivalry, and a hotel room.

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The Better Woman vs. Miranda – A Test of Wills

What if two rivals (The Better Woman and Miranda from FCF) grabbed for each other’s hair and never let go? What if two women went from strangers to hate-filled enemies in a single, agonizing, battle of wills.

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