Use the pages and drop-down menus above to find stories of passionate hate, rage-hewn love, jealousy-born obsession, and the sum of it all in wild explosions of passion, pain, and pleasure.

Stories written to entice and enthrall by Anna the Marine Chick,AnubisX, Catharsis, HankMcCoy02, JB57, Luffy316, and your host, Rival’s Rapture.

Along with brutally hot chat logs from the writers of the FCF/Trillian community and more sizzling tales of female rivalry submitted and found for you from across the web.

Update: Another blisteringly hot chat log from CrimsonDesire and Ewa, but this time they have Natalia War Kitten with them to turn up the heat!

Triple Fun! Fuck The Ref!

A wild, wacky, but super sexy tale of two women who hate each other, and a ref who just can’t seem to keep her hands off them as they war.

Update: Another individual story posted, this one by Aviendha33 from Literotica.

Alpha Rivals — A “catspat” between two competing women for the same man.

A must-read for anyone who enjoys fight fiction.

Update: Our first entry under the More Stories page has been posted!

Tits and Bast — A CATfight/Sexfight between Catwoman and Black Cat!

One of my absolute favorite stories, by a writer who takes commissions!

Update: A New Catharsis story posted!

A Roll in the Hay

A Gallery of Rivals

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