Show Me

“My husband told me he slept with you because you look like me.” The redhead’s words came out calm and collected, as she reached up from the floor and softly wrapped her hands around the head of her husband’s mistress.

“It was more than that.” The brunette whispered softly in response, feeling secure that the woman’s whose husband she was sleeping with was not interested in a normal fight.

“Show me….” The redhead said simply, as she began to gently pull her rival’s mouth down to hers.

4 thoughts on “Show Me

    1. Thank you! :3

      When I wrote these little Tumblr posts, it was often see an image, write what it says to me. And this one sticks out in my memory as summing up exactly what I imagined unfolding in the image.

      1. That’s interesting – I too often see an image, be it a photo or a scene from a film and it gets my imagination going. Writing a short post like this memorializes the idea without the overhead of developing a full-blown story around it.

  1. Agreed. An excellent piece of foreshadowing. I’d love to see this expanded into a full-length, steamy sexfight. The premise is simply to good to ignore 🙂

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