Sexy Chat-Logs

It isn’t something you discover on day one of your time over at the Free Catfight Forums, or maybe even week one. But eventually, you’ll learn that there is a whole world of roleplaying, cyber-fighting, and cyber-writing lying just beneath the surface.

Now, FCF has its own chat log page, and you should absolutely go check it out. But after you do, come on back and enjoy some chat-logs that I have collected and presented here, in true Rival’s fashion.

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Complete Logs

Ewa vs Kimberly – “The Tie Breaker”

When two women meet a club, they find themselves locked in a heated rivalry that threatens to not just destroy but ravage each of the women involved. All while one of the women’s husband not only watches but enjoys.

An absolutely EPIC battle between two of the best writers on all of FCF. Do yourself a favor and read this ridiculously good chat log between Ewa and Kim, but make sure you have an extra pair of panties on standby.

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Clawie vs. Little Miss Alpha — The Mirrored Witches of Jade Hollow

When the fates and gods decide that two emerald witches (Clawie and Little Miss Alpha from FCF) are too similar to co-exist, they are allowed to do what they have always wanted. To battle — to war until there is only one green-haired witch left in the coven.

But by the end of their tale, and with one having stolen the other’s power, that coven and our world might never be the same again.

This story is a testament to why Clawie is a true legend on the Free Catfights Forums.

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Clawie vs. Little Miss Alpha — “The Consequence of Survival”

When the world ends, two women (Clawie and Little Miss Alpha from FCF) are ripped from their normal lives and drug into each other’s path. One as a victimized survivor seeking freedom and the other as aggrieved vengeance-seeker.

It is in such roles that Clawie and “Chip” do battle. For the entertainment of the crowd and the eyes of their post-apocalyptic king.

Another piece of perfected fiction from the goddess Clawie on the Free Catfights Forums.

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The Better Woman vs. Sindee – Beach Girls Sexfight

When an argument on the beach is broken up, two women (The Better Woman and Sindee * Retired * of FCF) agree to meet back at the hotel and settle things. And though they planned to pull hair and scratch, within minutes their battle turns red hot and sensual. They writhing together until one cums and then serves her beach-found rival

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The Better Woman vs. Clawie – Warehouse Weardown

When two of Ewa‘s hottest rivals (The Better Woman and Clawie from FCF) decide to meet on their own terms, things go from bad, to worse, to brutal quickly.

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Unfinished But Hot Chat-Logs

So, there isn’t always time to make it all the way through a cyber fight with a beginning, middle, and an end. And though I’d sure you all love to have an ending to every tale you read, I also bet you’d rather more hot content than less. So! The following logs are of battles that though sexy as hell, aren’t quite complete. Enjoy!

Scarlet vs. Miranda – Hotel Meetup

A classic tale of two red hot women (Red Hot Scarlet and Miranda from FCF), a rivalry, and a hotel room.

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The Better Woman vs. Miranda – A Test of Wills

What if two rivals (The Better Woman and Miranda from FCF) grabbed for each other’s hair and never let go? What if two women went from strangers to hate-filled enemies in a single, agonizing, battle of wills.

In such a contest, there would be but one question: who will let go first? Who will give in before the woman with whom they compete?

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