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Written by Rivals Rapture: There are two ends to the fight fiction spectrum. One being violence and the other sex. And though some writers move from one side to the other, and then back again, there is no writer who has mastered the far end of sensuality better than JB57.

They being the unrivaled and inestimable pen-smith of so many intensely hot rivalries and blisteringly passionate sexfights. But that quality exists not just in a vacuum, for JB is without a doubt, my favorite writer and has been since I first found his writing. And so, when I decided to post stories of other fight-writers on this site, I knew I wanted JB’s stories here, for all of you to enjoy. And so here they are. Enjoy away!

JB57’s Stories

The Spa Series

The Spa

When two beautiful spa-goers catch each other’s eye, they decide to pull back the curtains, press their bodies together, and find out which of them can wield them better.

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The Spa 2

Elise and Louise meet again, this time, with one hoping for revenge, while the other seeks complete and utter domination.

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The Office Party

(Stand-Alone Follow-Up to The Spa 1 & 2 )

Not at the spa, but elsewhere do Elise and Louise meet again. This time, in a clash that will leave each of them satisfied.

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Motel Encounter

All one needs is a motel room and a rival. In this tale, Sarah finds both. But is it her rival or she who turns out to be the prey? Read and find out.

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Au Naturel

When Louise goes sunbathing, she finds an upstart rival ready to take her to the very edge of her sexual abilities.

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Au Naturel II

The upstart Veronica returns to lock eyes and thighs with Louise once again.

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Veronica Goes on a Cruise

With a feud with Louise behind her, Veronica finds a new rival. One to writhe with until one of them has been broken beyond all measure.

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Mediterranean Resort

When Veronica goes to Greece she finds herself an olive-skinned rival to battle for sexual supremacy.

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After School Series

After-School Lessons

When a twenty-something seductress (Martha) and an 18-and-a-half-year-old sex-kitten (Teresa) come into conflict over a man, a tale of sexual rivalry explodes for your reading pleasure.

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Graduation Day

(Sequel to After-School Lessons)

Martha and Teresa continue their war of sexual competition until finally it ends in a flash of orgasm, defeat, and the glory of a metaphorical collar.

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New Girl

When Teresa moves to a new town, a new place, and a new school, she finds herself once again locked in a lustful competition with the girl across the hall.

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Other Stories

The Intrusion

(JB’s Take on Sheraton Room 1342 by Sayre Pair)

Pat and Marsha clash in a hotel battle so hot, even victory can’t tear the two rivals apart.

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A Weekend at the Hilton

(Sequel to The Intrusion)

When one soul-searing battle of sexual will isn’t enough, Pat and Marsha come back together to once again tell an irresistible tale of sexual dominance and attrition.

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More Coming Soon!