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This is Sandcastles/Luffy316 (the luffy name is a little dated but it’s all over the place by now). I write a lot of sexy/smutty/erotic fiction for hire and for fun, with wrestling, competing and fighting being one of my biggest interests over the years. I’ve written a lot of them so far, so look forward to them having interesting twists, fun details, settings or stories to them to make them a bit more interesting.

Not many other writers will have goblins wrestling, prehistoric war-priestesses dueling alongside their giant pets, or lesbian sumo wrestlers becoming rivals and lovers simultaneously. What can I say? I’ve done a lot of these and I love to see some variety in the medium.

There’s a lot of things that make fight fiction sexy. It’s a very primal response, with fighting and fucking being about two brain cells apart from each other. There’s a sense of definitive worth involved, old instincts making us invested in who wins and how.

We’ve started to become used to media where the heroine wins, because Superman can’t die. Then the Superman franchise is over and evil takes over the world and there’s no more comics to make money off of. In fiction and, particularly things like sports and pro wrestling, your morals don’t matter.

The right person can be beat down and a righteous champ can be dethroned to keep up the drama and make people angry but excited. Fighters are forcefully being into submission holds, showing off their bodies in ways they would never do in sex or modeling. Whether a smaller woman beats a bigger one with dirty tricks or raw skill always remains to be seen, able to be turned around with one theatrical twist at the perfect moment. However rough or violent the fight gets, these women are fighters; they’ve consented to all of this, bravely stepping up to show that they are confident and aggressive, both appealing traits to any lady.

It’s an extra layer when combined with sex, giving a reason and a contest to be invested in on top of the already interesting sex. Sadism and masochism get involved and the shock those entail, except that most of the stories will have each fighter being both roles at one time or another as the tide turns again and again. You ride the ebb and flow, feel and imagine every blow, then quietly hoping your favorite wins; after that, it’s just the notion of celebrating with the victor or consoling a vulnerable loser.

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Luffy316’s Stories:

Emma Watson vs. Kristen Stewart

Emma Watson and Kristen Stewart work out all kind of bad blood in front of the club patrons and in a ring perfect for they two.

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Kristen Stewart vs Emma Stone

When two of Hollywood’s hottest starlets find each other’s ego and attitude too much to bear, they lunge. They fight. They settle. With the winner taking pictures of her defeated rival, just to make sure she doesn’t start any more shit.

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Emma Watson Boxing Kristen Stewart

Our two history-rich starlets decide to have a spar to prepare for an upcoming move. And though their boxing match starts friendly, it ends anything but.

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The Office Feud

When two work rivals can take not another second of the other’s presence, they war long — they war brutally, until one of them has been utterly destroyed.

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Archie: Betty vs. Veronica

It is the oldest rivalry most of us can remember. Betty and Veronica. Two women locked in an eternal struggle for Archie’s heart. Until this battle has ended, and the right to take him has been earned.

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Little Mermaid Titfight: Ariel vs Syrene

When Ariel finds a perfect pair of purple breast-covers she moves to take them. But before she can seize her new attire, she must first titbox another young mermaid for the right.

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Disney Duel 2: Belle vs Jasmine

When their princes leave them, Belle and Jasmine waste little time before diving full-long into a vicious battle that leaves the loser’s pussy drained and her ass kicked.

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Catfight: Mary Jane and Lois Lane

When “got you” questions turn into “FUCK YOU, BITCH!”, Lois Lane and Mary Jane Watson tear into each other. And when the dust has finally settled, one of these superhero hang-ons will have her tongue clit-deep in her victorious rival’s sex.

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Supermarket Clash

After a supermarket buggy bump, two women of different races meet and let their wild sides take control. They, both Indian and Caucasian Brit battling to drain the other’s breasts of milk — and in the process, deny the other’s baby nourishment.

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